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Lindsay Denton MA, MBACP, UKCP Accredited


Phone: 0115 9589 462 or 078707 33216

Email: Lindsay@clearmindpsychotherapy.co.uk


Are you looking for psychotherapy or counselling in Nottingham?  Perhaps you are unsure whether it would be appropriate for the issue you are struggling with or simply wheher it is right for you.


Do you feel you have lost touch with the real you?  Do you struggle to know or say what you want; whether at work or in your personal relationships?  Maybe you constantly put other people's needs before your own, find it difficult to say 'no', or worry what other people might be thinking?  Or maybe you feel overwhelmed with all the demands you have to meet?

Psychotherapy can help you to understand how and why you learned to put other people’s needs first, why you might be struggling with your intimate relationships, or have lost touch with your own needs or sense of self.  This understanding can be the first step in helping you to see things more clearly and to develop new, more helpful responses and patterns of behaviour when faced with challenging situations.

I provide an accepting, safe and non-judgemental theapeutic space in Nottingham where you can explore your inner world at your own pace. Using mindful awareness, we can explore the thoughts, emotions and bodily feelings that arise with authenticity, honesty and kindness.  Insights that may arise during this process provide an opportunity for us to consider and develop new, more positive ways of being, bringing healing and an increased sense of wellbeing.

How it works

I offer mindfulness based Core Process Psychotherapy (CPP) in one-to-one, weekly sessions of 60 minutes in a private and safe environment in central Nottingham.  To find out more about times and locations please click here; to find out more about me, please click here. For more information on CPP, click here.


Our initial meeting is free of charge. It is not a session, but an opportunity (generally lasting about 30 minutes) for us to exchange information, and for you to ask questions and determine whether you think psychotherapy is for you. It also allows you to see whether you feel comfortable working with me; the therapeutic relationship is an integral part of the process, and it is important that you find the right person to work with.

In gently exploring the issues you bring in an accepting and non-judgemental way it may become apparent how past experiences continue to influence current emotional reactions and habitual patterns of behaviour. As greater clarity and understanding of our individual processes develops, unhelpful behaviours may begin to drop away, allowing space for new, more positive responses to take their place.

My fees are £40 for a one hour session. I also offer a limited number of places at a reduced fee for those on a limited income; please let me know if you require a concessionary rate so I can let you know whether I currently have spaces available. 


To contact me for an initial chat or to arrange an introductory meeting, please contact me by email or phone.


078707 33216   or    0115 9589 463

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If you have any queries or would like to arrange a meeting please contact me by either phone or email

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